Mobile App Advertising

Mobile app advertising refers to ads and ad campaigns expressly designed for mobile devices. In this context, “Mobile devices” include smartphones, tablets, or wearable devices. Mobile ads can appear within apps, on websites viewed from mobile devices, or on social media platforms viewed through mobile devices.

Reach your audience and get them to engage with your mobile app, this can be done in three ways

1-Mobile app advertising Cost per Install(CPI)

This model is ideal if you wish to get the app noticed and promoted to as many users as possible, it will help you reach users as fast as possible to get with a fixed cost per install which makes planning and budgeting easier that other models like cost per click (CPC) or CPM.

2-Mobile app advertising Cost per Action (CPa)

This model is ideal if you wish to promote a certain action in your mobile app, like signing up , checking in at your store, subscribing to trail service, or listing an item.

3-Mobile app advertising Cost per Sale (CPs)

This model is ideal if your app offers one service or an e-commerce shop where you only pay per completed transaction, it enables brands to scale up sales at a large volumes.